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IRS Appeals

IRS Appeals
IRS Appeals

The Office of Appeals relates to an organization within the Internal Revenue Service structure that facilitates taxpayers’ disputes within an informal setting. It’s important to realize that appealing IRS decisions is a taxpayer right, and ensuring that you are getting the right representation and advice is paramount.

In other words, taxpayers are entitled to an appeal of most IRS decisions, which even includes penalties, and you have the right to obtain a written response from the Office of Appeals.

Are IRS Appeals the right decision for you?

The Office of Appeals is an independent organization, which means that they must ensure an impartial environment where your case is reviewed. They are barred from discussing your case with the IRS without your presence (or your representative).

An IRS appeal can take place if you are not satisfied with the result of an IRS audit. You are then entitled to request a conference with the Office of Appeals and have an independent review from the office before your installment agreement is terminated. (more information on installment agreements).

One important thing to remember is that the Office of Appeals (and IRS appeals in general) is not the same as taking your case to court. In either situation, tax advice is important, and Mock and Associates can definitely help with IRS appeals.

Appealing anAudit | Appealing a Denial of Claim for Refund

A lot of people don’t know what rights you have as a taxpayer when an audit is taking place. For instance, you have the right to appeal to the supervisor of the IRS auditor and obtain a relief from penalties. For this, the following forms are needed:

  • Form 12009 – appealing to the IRS auditor’s supervisor
  • Form 14431 – disagreement to a Form 4549 adjustment
  • Form 12203 – appealing the entire IRS audit or denial of claim for refund (if amount is smaller than $25,000)

If you are not sure what you need in order to be fairly treated by the IRS, give us a call and we’ll help you navigate the process. We’re tax specialists and have extensive experience working with customers’ issues and the IRS.