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Stop Collections & Garnishments

Stop Collections & Garnishments
If you owe money to the IRS, give us a call and we’ll work to stop stop collections & garnishments on your behalf.

When money is owed to the IRS they will collect it by any means necessary. That includes taking a large portion of your paycheck before you even get to see it. Wage garnishments, also know as wage levies can be devastating to your bank account. While limitations on these wage garnishments do exist, employers do not always provide employees with the forms needed to be completed and returned within 72 hours. This can lead to a wage levy of up to 75% of your paycheck.

If you have received notice from the IRS that your wages will be garnished, or are already in the process of having them garnished, contact us immediately. We work to stop collections & garnishments on your behalf.

Trying to contact the IRS directly is a very difficult and frustrating experience. Without the information and resources needed to accurately provide the required information it can be extremely challenging to come to any sort of agreement. The IRS is not on your side, but we are.

Mock and Associates have seasoned tax experts who deal with wage garnishment cases every day. We have the tools necessary to come to an agreement that satisfies the IRS and keeps you from financial ruin. We handle all of the negotiations with the IRS and make sure we use every tool in our arsenal to come to the lowest settlement amount possible.


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