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IRS Levies & Liens

What are Levies and Liens and how can Mock and Associates help fellow Arizonans deal with the Internal Revenue Service?

We’re proud to say that we have one of the most experienced and best teams that deals regularly with audits and IRS representation. As a result, we’ve been able to ensure that our process and case-to-case approach results in a positive outcome for both our individual and business customers.

In short, liens and levies are tools that the IRS uses to collect taxes. These tools may be used against individuals who are delinquent in the taxes they owe back to the IRS, and the government uses these tools in order to cover the delinquency. However, the IRS is absolutely not perfect, and as a result, a strong representation can definitely help to limit the damage the IRS can impose on a person.

For example, if you haven’t paid your taxes to the IRS or haven’t made any arrangements to do so, the IRS starts proceedings in order to collect taxes: this includes levies and liens.

How does the process work?

By the time the IRS will impose a levy or a lien on your assets, they must go through a process. At Mock and Associates we review this process with you to ensure that the government has gone through the right steps in order to start imposing a lien. Of course it’s a little more complicated than that, but this should give you a good idea of our methodical approach. There are also ways to avoid levies (or in some cases to remove one). This entails reaching an agreement with the IRS. We may be able to negotiate better terms of tax payment to the IRS (such as obtaining a longer period for repayment), obtain installment agreements, or requesting a “not collectible status”. Whatever your situation may be, our team works with you to chart the best way for you to move forward.

We’re a team of professional accountants from Peoria Arizona, we we can certainly help with IRS Levies and Liens. Don’t wait and give us a call at 623-334-1400.