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IRS Wage Garnishment

Are your wages being garnished by the IRS? Is your pay check being garnished by the IRS?

You came to the right place. Mock and Associates specializes in help with IRS Wage Garnishment.

IRS Wage Garnishment

What is IRS Wage Garnishment? What should you expect?

Put simply, this concept is what allows the IRS to collect taxes that an individual may owe but has not paid yet. It’s essentially an enforcement tool at the disposal of the IRS geared towards delinquent tax payers. The law that enables the IRS to use wage garnishment to collect taxes authorizes the IRS to place a levy on your income in order to begin paying the outstanding tax dues. In most instances, your employer will take money from your paycheck and sends it to the Internal Revenue Service. Additionally, your employer is obligated to comply with the IRS request.

What can you do?

Our team at Mock and Associates has tremendous experience with IRS Wage Garnishment, and we’ve helped a lot of Arizonans receive relief from the IRS. We sit down and discuss your case in order to determine if any tax returns may need to be amended or filed. Often, tax returns that have not been filed lead to IRS Wage Garnishment, and can go back for years.

If there are compliance issues, the IRS will request additional forms or documentation be submitted by the taxpayer. This is where we come in.

Our experience gives us the ability to organize and submit the proper documentation to the IRS and help inform the revenue service that the tax liability may present an immediate hardship. This can quickly lead to a relief by having the wage garnishment released; the IRS can offer this as a result of the taxpayer showing proof of an imminent eviction, the electricity being terminated, or a notice of foreclosure.

It’s extremely important to reach out to a tax consultant when it comes to asking for a wage garnishment release, because it’s usually quite a difficult task. Contact your tax experts in Peoria AZ today!