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Penalty Abatement

Don’t accept or pay anything the IRS asks you until you speak to us. We are tax specialists and work with you to get penalty abatement. This helps people lessen the impact of penalties that the IRS has imposed on you, but you have to do it right.

FTA (First time penalty abatement) – What is it?

The first time penalty abatement is a waiver obtained from the IRS which helps taxpayers who have failed to file their taxes. While this principle can be applied in many circumstances, to obtain an FTA a person must meet a set of criteria. The IRS has created this mechanism as a reward for persons or companies that have a good filing record with the IRS. In other words, you can look at it as a reward for having a good tax filing history (a free, one time way of avoiding to pay penalties). The FTA can be obtained to avoid a failure to pay, failure to deposit or failure to file.

How to qualify for a first time penalty abatement?

An FTA can be obtained by reaching out to the IRS via phone or letter (mail).

Penalty AbatementMock and Associates is a tax practitioner in Peoria Arizona, and we deal with the IRS on a constant basis and have extensive experience in requesting first time penalty abatements. We usually call the IRS directly after obtaining a power of attorney in order to represent you in front of the tax collection agency. After ensuring that the IRS accepts that you’ve met the criteria for an FTA, you will receive a confirmation letter in the mail. It’s also common for us to follow up with the IRS in case this doesn’t happen, so rest assured that Mock and Associates has your back.

We may also opt to mail the IRS directly. Sometimes the IRS can have significant wait times for their call-in service, so we may write to the IRS on your behalf. This also gives us the opportunity to make sure that the information we’re sending is correct and 100% accurate.

Overall, it doesn’t really matter what method we use to reach out to the Internal Revenue Service. We work for you and we’ll make sure that we represent your interests and give 100% of our focus to ensure that you get your first time penalty abatement request approved.

Don’t pay a penalty to the IRS if you can get an FTA! Call us at 623-334-1400 and make sure you’re properly represented.

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